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The Power of Positive Thinking in Business and in Life

Marketing Matters with Cammie McKenzie


Welcome to Marketing Matters with Cammie McKenzie

It's as simple as a smile and "how can I help you"?

"If an Attitude is not Positive then it is, at best, Indifferent and, at worst, Negative". Marketing Matters with Cammie McKenzie will train you and your company to believe in and exude a positive attitude for both the company and its customers. Exceptional customer service should be the rule, NOT the exception.

"Business is about relationships"

Or so they say. Television, radio, and even web sites use this proverbial phrase over and over again. One must wonder whether the writer behind the scenes understands that words alone will not do. That despite our cellular phones, our wiz computers, our automatic bank tellers and our endless promises for quality customer service, we are experiencing less and less "relationships" in the business world today.

As we journey through this era of business "high tech", let us not forget the basics. Let us not forget the warmth that comes from an honest smile, the bond created by a meaningful handshake and the commitment that blossoms when we address people by their names.

As we, the humans of today, take part in the world of business let us not be fooled by the notion that business must be void of relationships, trust, gut feelings, kindness and respect. Instead let our strength as business leaders come from the qualities that make us loving parents, dedicated spouses, dependable siblings, committed friends, experienced mentors and eternal seekers of the positive in every situation.

I challenge all people, as I challenge myself, to practice the power of positive attitude, to discover the difference we can make as leaders of the business world, to stand firm in our conviction that relationships in business need not be that different from relationships at home.

I believe we all have the choice to be empowered by positive attitude and I propose that we choose to do just that!

~Cammie McKenzie